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Single Mom, Maryellen Duchesne on stage speaking for audience of over 25,000. The more people you help in network marketing achieve their goals you can achieve your goals.

Single Mom, Maryellen Duchesne on stage speaking for audience of over 25,000. The more people you help in network marketing achieve their goals you can achieve your goals.

Doug Firebaugh a $1.4Billion Producer & my Business PartnerDoug OUT OF BOX LINKEDIN

Multimillionaire Mentors, Ray Higdon, Brian Fanale, Doug Firebaugh

Some of my Multimillionaire Mentors, Ray Higdon, Brian Fanale, Doug Firebaugh…..and others

MY STORY & the ability to get my coaching FOR FREE!

I am actually in process of writing a book “Single Mom, Entrepreneur, Biker Chick, If I can do it So Can You.” When the book comes out you can get the full story but for now I will give you a little insight as to my journey and how I ended up with you reading this right now. And you know nothing happens by accident. YOU are reading this right now for a reason…so please pay attention:

I am a single mom of two amazing, now adult, children. I was divorced after 20 years of marriage and the good news is that it was an amicable divorce. Yet obviously there are always challenges when trying to raise two kids alone. I have been self-employed since my first born daughter because I could not bear to go back to work for a company and some stranger raise my daughter. Everything is a decision and that was one of the best I ever made. I have not worked for a company ever since.  I had my son 6 years later and now they are both my best friends because I actually raised them. I believe part of my purpose in life to show people that they too can make a 6 figure income from their homes and be there for their kids.

So being self-employed has it's challenges too. Straight commission income can be risky sometimes. My advertising business that I built over 20 years tanked in 2008 like the rest of the economy and I found myself in $100,000 in credit card debt. Due to the decline of my business and a real estate deal that did not happen.(you can learn the whole story when the book comes out).

I believe that it is not what happens to you it is how you handle it. I also believe heavily in self-development so I invest in myself a lot. I believe everyone deserves to invest in themselves. I believe God put us on this earth for a reason. To Live, Love and Learn. To become better people so that we can help others and this is where the self-development comes in. So my first words of wisdom is for you to invest in yourself continually so you enjoy all that life can provide you.

I have tried a lot!! Of ways to make money from home and never had any real success until I discovered a home based business opportunity in the summer of 2008. I had recently graduated from a very intensive self-development course and finally realizes I deserved greatness. I had a lot of success right out of the gate and have been a top producer consistently for years. I actually was making 5 figures per month only after 91 days. ( Income is determined on your effort obviously.)

I have been blessed to have been asked to be a guest judge on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice  and I have been personally featured in Success from Home Magazine and I have been asked several times to speak for audiences of over 25,000 people. I am not saying this to impress you because all this really means is that I have simply helped a lot of people. I want you to be aware that you can do it too and you deserve to have more time and more money in your life. I am looking forward to helping you too.

In 2015 I wanted to bring my business online, I didn't want to do the home meetings and hotel meeting anymore after 7 years full time I was burnt out of that. No-shows, the traveling etc. I Knew there had to be a Smarter way. I discovered Dr. Doug Firebaugh,( a $1.4 BILLION PRODUCER) Thank the Lord, and he coached me on how to be more effective and duplicatable. He is a true friend and mentor and very grateful for our relationship.

I also found a platform where they taught you to Attract people TO YOU instead of hunting all the time. A lot of the Free Training is located on this site so that you too can benefit from the Systems and Education they have for you. Here is an example of one:

There are alot of links on this site that offer free training from this platform. Just scroll around and take advantage of some of the trainings I have here available for you.

I believe in mulitple streams of income and I have several. Why Not? If you are a home based business owner I offer solutions and how you can learn to get Free Leads for your business. Check out:

If you are Looking for a home based business I have 2 that are VERY UNIQUE…and one can actually help you in ANY business. Check out:      THIS IS REALLY GOOD For ANY BUSINESS OWNER TOO!

Another option for Business Owners is Text Message Marketing and I can show you how to get it for FREE! Check out: This is especially great for brick & morter companies but can also be used for the home based business owner. ( I will show you how to best use this for Prospects and your Team)

If you are into 100% CERTIFIED Organic Products and want to know how to get them for FREE and make true residual income too Check out:

If you want more out of life, wouldn’t you agree that it would benefit you if you could get some coaching from people who have what you want. I sought out mentors who could help me take my business to the next level and found some amazing people. (You will learn about them in the book). Most of my mentors are multimillionaires. If I can make 5 figures per month, why can’t I make 6 figures per month right? I invested thousands of dollars to get this coaching and it has obviously helped. The benefit to you is that I will give you my coaching for Free! Because Your Success is my success!

YOU are now at the right place right time if you are interested in working Smarter vs Harder. I will take all my wisdom and mentor you for FREE!!  When you join my team you get my wisdom so let’s do something great together for your family now. You and your family deserve it.

Feel free to contact me @ 603-490-4371 ( 9am-11pm EST) I am a Real person and I want to help you. You deserve it!


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If you want to see one more thing that I think is really cool….click link below….After watching this I think you would agree that I can help YOU get out of YOUR Comfort Zone.  🙂


MY MOTTO:  “Live Life to the Fullest & Be A Good Person”

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