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Maryellen Duchesne is a great mentor & coach. I been working with her for awhile. She commit to her goal & very persistant. She have a big vision. I'm a business owner, I own a few business. A mom of 4. I do my networkmarketing company part time sparetime. I love residual income it help me leverage my time to spend with my kids Shelly Duyen V. MA

““When the student is ready the Coach shows up” Buddhist Proverb. I had been spinning my wheels for a while because I wasn’t ready for a powerful coach. Through Maryellen's actions I can feel her commitment to my success. Anyone wishing to take their home-based business to the next level deserves a coach like her. Eduardo R. CA

I started in the MLM business as it gave me the ability to work from home, leverage my time so that I could have all the time freedom I need to raise my children. As a single mother of four this was very important to me. Maryellen has been extremely supportive since day one, and I have learned so much from her though business, and personal growth. She is a very dedicated leader, supportive coach, and someone I really can trust regardless of how busy her daily schedule is she always makes time for others to resolve an issue or answer a question. I am very privileged to have been able to work with Maryellen not only is she a wonderful mentor, but a close friend as well. I am extremely excited for what the future holds.
Christine L., NH

I thought I had found my niche in creating residual income in the Health Insurance industry. In fact I had become successful enough to begin stratigizing about retirement. Then Obamacare stripped me of my renewal income and drastically reduced my potential further earnings.
 When I met Maryellen I was still a bit jaded by this experience, she assured me that this would be different and boy is it ! I can only say that she has backed up all her commitments to me and my success 100%. I am very grateful to Maryellen, I only wish I had met her years ago !
Dan G. , MA

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FREE Wednesday Webinar

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